Science is fun

Science is fun

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Unit 3: Plants

Do you remember our friend Dr. Binocs?? Let's revise plants with him. 

Now plant a flower by yourself. Try on this webpage:

Unit 0: Living and non-living things

Time for you to practice. Try this game and find all the living things:

Unit 2: My senses

Let's listen to Dr Binocs explaining the five senses:

Do you remember this song? 

Unit 1: My body 

Let's learn our body parts!

Sing along!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Unit 5: Diet, digestion and excretion

What should I eat today? 

Try this game to know if you can classify different types of food into categories. 

 In case you don't remember quite well...

Now you are ready to make a balanced plate:

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Unit 4: Our systems

Do you know how to assemble a human skeleton? Check it!

If you need some help you can watch this video. Dr Binocs will explain everything to you!


Five senses and organs:

Unit 1: Nutrition and reproduction

Will you be able to place different body parts correctly? Give it a try clicking on this webpage. Good luck!

Unit 2: The classification of living things

Do you want to practice living things body parts? Click on here and test yourself!

Vertebrate animals:

Invertebrate animals:

Now you can learn more about the characteristics of dirrefent animals:

Unit 2: Body systems

Learn more about the digestive system clicking on this link:

Would you like to see how we digest different types of food? Go ahead!

Revise our five senses with Dr. Binocs watching this video:

Test your knowledge on senses playing here:

Can you notice different sounds?

Locomotor system:

Reproductive system: 


Healthy bodies videos

Healthy bodies

Let's see the robots brushing their teeth:

And now, let's sing along!


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